Wise Monk is an innovative career, business, life, health and leadership coaching company with a mission to help people to “aim for excellence”. Whether it’s related to your career, your health or your personal goals, we work with you to craft your own vision for success and create a life that you truly love.

Our team is comprised of the nation’s top certified coaches, so we ensure that you are paired with the certified coach who is the best fit for you.

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Become Partner Coach

Step 1
Apply to become a Wise Monk Partner Coach
Step 2
If it’s a fit, join our team
Step 3
Attend onboarding and new coach training to learn the Wise Monk service suite, methodologies and culture
Step 4
Get set up with a page on our website and all the marketing goodies and logistics you need to build your business with Wise Monk
Step 5
Amplify your impact and accelerate your income through the use of Wise Monk’s online tools and programs
Step 6
Change lives as a Wise Monk coach and help to build the world’s leading coaching company!


Focus on Coaching and Leave the Rest to Us

Spend Your Time Where It Matters

Find Your Target Audience

Join our coaching team and spend your time working one on one with clients, not trying to build a website, post on social media, do accounting, and manage insurance policies. You got into this business because you wanted to make an impact on people’s lives. now you can put your full energy into that and leave the rest to us.

Access To Coaching Tools & Programs

Not only do you get access to training and guidance from our experienced leadership team, but you also get to utilize our full suite of online coaching tools and programs. These tools make coaching more affordable and available than ever before and help you make your client engagements even more effective.

Get Promoted By Top Coaches

We are building something special at Wise Monk. We are growing quickly and are excited to bring on top-notch coaches who want to be part of our epic mission to build the world’s leading coaching company. Our team of coaches and staff are here to fill your life with growth, support and fun as you change lives and are instrumental in working toward Wise Monk’s vision.

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