Forever Medspa

Company Overview

Home health care and hospice services are Forever MedSpa’s area of expertise. A premier treatment facility, Forever MedSpa uses an original method to rejuvenate skin. Forever MedSpa offers services without any dangers or negative effects because they approach problem areas from both a spa and medical perspective. Invisalign, Cosmetic Laser, Botox, Skin Fillers, PDO Thread Lifts, PRP Skin Rejuvenation, Laser Sclerotherapy, Radio frequency, Body Contouring, Tattoo removal, Hair transplant, Feminine Health, and many other noninvasive procedures are available to both men and women.

The Problem

Find a means to accomplish ambitious monthly targets.

Forever MedSpa needs to discover a solution to meet challenging monthly goals for new patient admissions and cost per lead. Forever MedSpa recognised they needed to work with a seasoned digital marketing agency with a successful track record because this was the company’s first official digital marketing project. Because TEMZ has expertise working with healthcare organisations with several locations and has a reputation for creating effective lead generation campaigns that have a high return on investment, they chose to collaborate with the company.

Step 1

Start paying for clicks to resurrect your lead funnel

In order to strengthen its lead funnel, Forever MedSpa collaborated with TEMZ Digital Marketing. Referrals had significantly decreased as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic, hence it was urgent to establish a new lead source. The quickest fix is paid search when you need quick leads. Within a month, TEMZ introduced fresh sponsored search advertising and landing pages that were sending Forever MedSpa high-quality leads.

In order to create reasonable baselines and ensure that Forever MedSpa’s monthly goals for target cost per lead and new patient admissions were fulfilled, TEMZ carried out detailed digital competition research. A number of Google paid search campaigns were developed, started, tested, and managed by TEMZ.

The landing pages that are linked to by paid search advertisements determine how effective they are. Every campaign included a special landing page that offered a “optimised user experience,” which raised conversions and increased admissions.

Step 2

Through ongoing optimization, lower cost per lead.

Forever MedSpa was able to sustain a cost per lead in the first month of the new sponsored search campaign that was less than their target. This was accomplished by raising bids on the keywords that convert the best, pausing advertisements that aren’t working, and continually adding negative keywords.

Along with a 50% rise in leads, Forever MedSpa observed another considerable reduction in cost per lead. The main methods used to do this were adding location to responsive search advertisements, increasing relevance on broad-match keywords using negative keyword targeting, and rerouting funding to lower-tier
keyword themes.

Forever MedSpa still required lead quality improvement in addition to executing a successful paid search campaign. To get there, TEMZ assisted the business in turning on call recording so that it could more precisely determine which keyword themes were resulting in admissions. The team was able to optimise the budget and concentrate on the phrases that were generating admissions thanks to these insights.

Forever MedSpa was able to position itself for long-term market expansion because of this type of optimization.

Step 3

Website redesign to enhance the online experience

While the sponsored search campaigns were being created, TEMZ started a complete website overhaul with the client’s digital experience as a top priority. It was made possible to swiftly apply and customise landing pages and click-through pages using a base website design. The team at Forever MedSpa found that this strategy greatly sped up the development process and simplified the approval procedure. In order to create a website that is user-friendly and offers users 24/7 customer service, TEMZ created an AI based chatbot.

A cutting-edge mapping technology was incorporated into the new design to make it simple for customers (and Google!) to locate their desired location. An interactive FAQ feature was introduced to all of the websites, enabling family members to instantly get the answers they required. The FAQ area not only enhanced the online experience but also assisted in filtering out bad leads. The average length of a phone call went from three minutes to six minutes on average, a increase, which helped to boost the number of leads. Their redesigned website increased conversion rates by 35% in less than three months.

Step 4

Software Development for better internal management

TEMZ made a revolutionary change for Forever MedSpa by creating a software that helped Forever MedSpa to manage their sales and internal processes. The software focused on managing sales and internal matters which resulted in a massive increase in revenue and sales. The software made it easy for Forever MedSpa to understand their expenses and thus reduce non useful or unwanted expenses. Thus focusing only on useful investments and thus resulting in only profits.

The Results

An increase in traffic to the targeted landing pages overall

Forever MedSpa is a personal service that necessitates giving each individual the highest consideration for their comfort and needs. The “first-class treatment” that patients and their families receive is something that Forever MedSpa takes great pride in. They approached their new marketing endeavour with TEMZ from a similar angle, making it a top goal to communicate their dedication to providing high-quality hospice care, relationships to clients, and the communities they serve. Forever MedSpa experienced an increase in traffic to the specific landing pages of each of their community brands after turning to TEMZ to direct efforts in the area of digital marketing, such as creating, optimising, and administering sponsored search lead generation campaigns. Forever MedSpa was able to increase leads by 50% and lower cost per lead by 40% through TEMZ’s thorough competitor research before commencing the campaign, call recording analysis, keyword integration, and continuing modifications throughout the engagement.