Exotic Indian Beauty

Company Overview

Exotic Indian Beauty aspires to open up the Indian method of wellness and beauty to those living in Australia. Meeting Indian beauty standards gives our clients the confidence to look and feel their best, making the most of everything life has to offer. They provide all of the hair and skincare treatments and stay current on all fashions. Their specialists always develop original treatments for problems relating to the skin and hair. They utilise a personalised
strategy for each of their consumers because they have a big customer base and because every customer has different wants.

When Exotic Indian Beauty teamed with TEMZ Solutions, they wanted to improve their digital marketing and advertising strategy. Exotic Indian Beauty in particular needed a marketing partner to put into place a well-optimised, highly targeted search, display, and social advertising strategy that not only produced a large amount of new qualified leads but also converted those leads into paying clients.

The Problem

Build a Foundational Website & SEO Strategy from Scratch

Exotic Indian Beauty contacted TEMZ Digital Marketing at a time when their team was swiftly establishing internal systems and procedures to handle a burgeoning practice acquisition pipeline. Exotic Indian Beauty didn’t have a website or any search engine visibility. They required a strong website and SEO plan that would bring in a steady stream of high-quality patients. And it had to come quickly.

In order to launch a digital and SEO solution on such a short timetable, we had to deal with the following issues:

  • Personalise and optimise for the value proposition, history, major services, location, and care team of each site.
  • Get ready for a high volume of low-friction, low-touch patient contacts by setting up live chat and other technology


Search Engine Optimisation

1. Optimizations to the keyword strategy and search insights

We carried out extensive keyword research, developed our list of target keywords, and then created content around high-volume search trends to assist Exotic Indian Beauty in reaching their target clients. We first concentrated on core search words to generate high-intent traffic and boost organic conversion in order to shorten time to value. From there, we carried out the following keyword optimization tasks:

  • Metadata
  • URL structure
  • Header tags
  • Main menu structure
  • Site architecture and information hierarchy
  • Page content
  • Ancillary onsite and offsite aspects
2. Content Strategy

We built our content strategy for Exotic Indian Beauty around keyword analysis and market trends. We set out with the intention of incorporating website content from the website, such as blog articles and sections with marketing resources. This involved designing a monthly editorial plan, which we backed up by writing blog posts that were optimised for each stage of the patient’s journey. The blog posts improved Exotic Indian Beauty’s website experience by encouraging visitors to learn more about the services they provided, in addition to assisting them in ranking for more search phrases.

3. Link Building

To start off our link-building campaigns for Exotic Indian Beauty, we thoroughly analysed and monitored the competition to establish baselines. From there, we had the information we required to create and implement a more concentrated link-building plan, one that was centred on key pages that required an increase in inbound connections. We kept an eye on the competition and looked for good connecting possibilities throughout the engagement.

Social Media Marketing; Expanding the Brand reach

Because we had a full understanding of how customers moved through the buyer’s journey, we were able to produce advertising that appeals to Exotic Indian Beauty’s clients regardless of where they are in the sales funnel.

TEMZ developed client-centric communications strategies and creative materials to establish a personal connection with the audience. Our commercials speak directly to their interests and issues, providing a thorough answer that piques their curiosity.

If you only use SEO strategies online, creating buzz about a new practice can take time. Because of this, we created a social media campaign whose only goals were to increase interaction, impressions, reviews, and appointments.

Although our SEO work will eventually pay off, Exotic Indian Beauty was able to get traction in those crucial initial months thanks to our social media strategy.

The Results

Triple-Digit Growth in Patient Leads and Site Visits

We had the opportunity to optimise conversion rates from the start because we completely rebuilt the Exotic Indian Beauty website. The group’s site visits thus never surpass patient lead generation, despite the fact that both have steadily climbed.

Position 1 Ranking for Several Competitive Keywords

The new website’s technological structure, thorough content strategy, and keyword-focused SEO are largely to blame for all of this development. Exotic Indian Beauty has quickly attained multiple “position 1” rankings and saw significant keyword growth rates—all in line with the company’s aggressive acquisition strategy. These new purchases receive immediate marketing support and results when they are integrated into the Exotic Indian Beauty website architecture.

Exotic Indian Beauty has grown and expanded, opening up about 3–4 new saloons across Sydney because of all the work put into creating and designing a website, SEO and Social Media Marketing.