English Wise


English Wise wanted to advance their digital marketing and advertising approach when they partnered with TEMZ Solutions. English Wise especially required a marketing partner to implement a well-optimised, highly targeted search, display, and social advertising approach that not only generated a sizable number of new qualified leads but also turned those leads into paying customers.

Since the start of this collaboration, TEMZ and the English Wise have worked closely together to develop a comprehensive range of search, social, and display advertising tactics. These tactics have generated nearly 00 new leads so far. Here is how our collaborative efforts led to these outstanding outcomes.

The Problem

Unorganised, unsuccessful paid media campaigns

English Wise was prepared to make a serious investment in marketing. English Wise had a few active direct mail and Google Ads campaigns before they hired TEMZ Digital Marketing, with the latter being handled by a different company. Conversion rates, brand awareness measures, and lead volume, however, were raising red flags. The internal team at English Wise was small and agile, but they required the ideal partner to increase their capacity for strategic media management.

Additionally, English Wise had a significant blind hole because it had never looked at Meta And Instagram advertising. English Wise needs to entrust professionals with in-depth understanding of the business with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising in order to raise brand awareness and stay competitive.


Full-funnel acquisition across search, social, and display advertising

Without a doubt, the rise of internet outlets has had a big impact on how individuals find English Wise. Our teams implemented sponsored search, social media, and display advertising tactics for English Wise in order to connect with the relevant people at the right place and time—where and when they search for PTE, IELTS, NAATI, and OET.

Our objective was to aggressively feed English Wise’s Client at the top utilising tactics that directly catered to particular demographics. The contemplation page is a crucial step before lead generation and conversion, thus we simultaneously worked to drive more ad impressions to draw attention to it.

Expanding the Brand reach through Social Media Ads

We created ad content that speaks to English Wise’s customers regardless of where they are in the sales funnel because we had a thorough understanding of how customers travelled through the buyer’s journey.

To establish a personal connection with the audience, TEMZ created messaging strategies and creative material that are client-centric. Our advertisements speak directly to their problems and interests, offering a comprehensive solution that grabs their interest and attention.

We don’t only make attractive commercials. We manage their YouTube channel and social media accounts. Their customer reach and conversions have increased as a result of sharing their clients’ success stories on Facebook, Instagram, and in high-quality videos for their YouTube channel.

Our design not only attracts attention, but also the hearts of the most important clientele. No of the format, whether it be a single image, carousel, or video, we always created scroll stopping material that engages PTE interested applicants. They made it simple for customers to acquire answers to their questions and information about their needs by including call-to-action designs on every article.

We evaluate how well certain advertisements perform among various audience subgroups. We divide the top performing ad set after determining performance by audience in order to continually zero in on which material resonates with which audience.

Search Engine Optimization

An exceedingly complex and common strategy is SEO. To help English Wise attract more qualified leads to their website, we understood they needed to rank higher for a number of keyphrases. We conducted in depth research to find the keywords potential customers use when searching in order to assist our client in getting immediate, long-term results.

By working both directly on the website and behind the scenes (with technical enhancements), our team increased results for these and other crucial keywords (with on-page content based around keywords). We carefully crafted the website based on our understanding of user preferences. which led to the development of a user-friendly website.

These citations and inclusions gave English Wise’s website much-needed backlinks in addition to getting the English Wise brand name mentioned on reliable websites. These backlinks let Google and other search engines know that our customer is respected by other powerful individuals and that as a result, they ought to honour that reputation with higher search ranks.


English Wise has seen a 00% increase in calls and form submissions since implementing this new and improved campaign plan, along with a 00% drop in CPA. In a market where every lead matters, this DSO is seeing a high return on its advertising investment. PPC-generated leads have increased overall by 00%, and the conversion rate has risen by 00%. Due to their 1.5 million AUD investment in social media and digital marketing since the beginning of our partnership. We are proud of our tactics, which increased English Wise’s turnover by 10 to 15 times.

Our search, display, and social media efforts have raised branded searches by more than 00%, with impressions reaching 00%, which is a significant area of need that we recognised early on. Because more people are looking for English Wise online today, their advertisements are displayed first in the search engine results. English Wise has established itself as one of the top testing centres for the PTE, IELTS, NAATI, and OET in the fiercely competitive digital market.