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Raizing Ai (Adam Milo)

Choose the most suitable candidates with Raizing Ai, collaborating with Adam Milo specializes in assessing candidates’ job fit for various positions and organizations, along with pre-promotion assessment processes for incumbents. With the conclusion of a professional occupational assessment, there is no need for guesswork and one can predict, with high probability, how a prospective employee will do in his or her new position.


Types of Assessments

Full Assessment

A full assessment comprises a comprehensive, in-depth assessment of all the parameters deemed necessary for a candidate’s success on the job. This kind of assessment is especially advisable when running high chances of recruiting an unfit candidate, when the final candidates for a position are narrowed down to a small number, and when the position at hand is a complex or managerial position. 

Partial Assessment

The partial assessment is ideally designed for the initial screening of large volumes of candidates trying out for one position (such as in mass recruitments), as well as for checking the job fit of candidates for specific occupations, such as employees in call centers and sale centers. 

Assessment for senior positions

We have developed the VIP service for assessing candidates for senior positions. The assessment of high-ranking employees requires the utmost sensitivity and uncompromising discretion. Our holistic, in-depth assessment day includes an evaluation of the candidate’s stress management abilities, his or her ability to solve crises, cope with changes, and more. We also offer the possibility of outdoor training as a means to evaluate candidates.

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They have two key components: they use digital technologies and they provide some kind of interaction between a single user and an organization, usually a company.


Veritas has proven to be instrumental in dramatically reducing our internal occupational delinquency rates as well as in improving the quality of our entire workforce. We satisfied with both the test and the professional support and service that we continuously receive from Adam-Milo.

Keren Amara
HR Manager


Adam Milo Company Ltd is our long term supplier regarding Integrity Tests. Since 2010 Adam Milo Company Ltd is our key factor as for recruiting, assessing, employee placement processes. I can confidently and fully recommend Adam Milo Company Ltd as a valid, excellent and reliable supplier, and experts in their field.

Tal Russo
Monitoring & Patrol Manager


I am happy to recommend the assessment service of Adam Milo LTD. With which we have been working for a long time. We use the service as part of our recruitment processes, and in the internal promotion processes of managers and employees. I find the consulting and evaluation services which the company perform to be professional, high quality and reliable in every sense of the word. I would also like to note that when needed, Adam Milo knows how to demonstrate flexibility and adapt to the customers’ needs most satisfactorily.

Ayelet Liraz
HR Dir. Janssen IL


The information Security Unit of the Israel Police has been working for the past year with the ADAM MILO company, utilizing their computerized verification questionnaire tool in our daily checks. We are very satisfied with their product and with its results. In addition, we recieve excellent service from the company, in both their availability and support they provide.

Sima Yamin
Chief Superintendent


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